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The Mystery of God

God Who is Spirit doesn’t need our devotion;
He is Power Eternal, beyond space-time and motion;
Yet this God chose to share His glory and grace
By creating the world and the human race.

The mystery is that, while He wants us so,
He needs us not, could have existed alone;
Yet eternally He planned  for His creation,
Even while knowing it would need salvation.

Knowing He would come to earth as a Man
To play with children,  recite the psalms;
To  work and live in a dusty small town;
Walk the hills,  teaching the crowds.

Knowing He’d ask our hearts to turn
But that in many,  hatred would burn;
Knowing the weak just wanted free bread,
But that the sincere would heed what He said.

Knowing  God’s Power,  living within,
Called Him to preach Truth to all men;
Knowing that when His task was done,
He’d be sold,  tortured,  on a cross hung.

Knowing He’d  promise to stay ever near
By sending His Spirit as Counselor
For drawing all hearts unto His own
Before the end,  when His Glory would be shown.



first published in Penned From The Heart Devotional

also published in SOUL SEARCH Chapbook

also published in Streams of Living Water Anthology

also published in

©2000 Bonnie Manion


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