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I remember how frightened I was
of  life,  of new encounters,
of  who I  was  becoming,
what was happening within.

I remember anguish in discovering
the weakness of  hungry flesh,
the faithlessness of old  friends,
the flaws revealed in my parents.

I remember tears of discontent
when facing my own naked flaws,
consternation at the world’s injustices,
unhappiness amid the pin-pricks of life.

I remember unexpected surges of pride
as I pushed myself to perform more boldly,
of hope as my horizons miraculously expanded,
of amusement at the absurdities noticed in all lives.

I remember when first I saw the exquisite look
of desire recognized in the face of the other,
of  feeling  passion overtake  me,
of committing  my affection to another.



first published in Twilight Ending

also published in Illinois State Poetry Society 

also published in GLORY IN THE ORDINARY Chapbook

©1997 Bonnie Manion


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