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News from Bonnie J. Manion

Editor Jennifer Dotson of Highland Park Poetry accepted five of Bonie Manion's poems for the HP website and Facebook page:  Raspberrying, A Cento of Discovery, Pandemic Woes, The Line of His Decline and On the Wind.

Editor Milo Rosebud of LONE STARS announced that Bonnie Manion's sonnet, "On Women and Men," has been published in Issue #96.


Bonnie will have her poem, "The Line of His Decline," published by the Illinois State Poetry Society online on June 14, 2021 on their website,  They published "Spring at The Lake" in April


.Editor  Jennifer Dotson of Highland Park Poetry will publish four of Bonnie's poems on their Facebook page and  their website's Daily Poem Page as well.





Your name on a stone,

anchor of bones

laid upon grass, there

my heart's held fast


Chicago Poets;& Patrons contest winner i te Fall of 2020:

Kate Hutchinson, Contest Chair for the 2020 Chicago Poets & Patrons Poetry Contest, advised Mrs. Manion that her poem, "Anchor," won a third place in the  Miniature Poem Category.



The Rockford Review has  selected two Bonnie Manion poems for their Winter 2020-2021 edition.

"One Year Old Speak" and "Lost and Tossed About"  are the poems Editor Sally Hewitt chose for the Winter Edition of TRR. added Bonnie's poem, "Time Travel" to its website in October, 2020.

Bonnie attended a Zoom workshop on poetry by Arlyn Miller of Poetic License on August 12, 2020, titled Adventures in Creative Writing.

Bonnie attended a Zoom poetry workshop by college professor Mardelle Fortier for the Chicago Poets & Patrons Association conducted Saturday, Auguest 29, 2020.

Star Poets announced that Bonnie's poem, "Fifty Years to the Day," appeared in its Jan/Feb 2020 issue. ;has published June, 2020, online, another Bonnie Manion poem:  "The American Sin."

Bonnie has two poems in the Summer, 2020, issue of The Rockford Review:  "Now that I Am Old," and

a Bird Haiku.

The Rockford Review has accepted "Now that I Am Old," a poem by Bonnie Manion.

Pennwood Review accepted two more poems by Bonnie Manion for publication in their West Coast Journal.

"Cancer's Toll" and "Signs of Chemo." are the two poems.

www.illinoispoets/memberpoems has in April, 2020, publiished Bonnie's poem, "You," honoring the memory of her husband Paul, who passed away recently.

Bonnie's most recent addition to the website of member poems for the Illinois State Poetry Society is "The Miracle of Spring."  It can be found under Member Poems for February, 2020 at www.;

Bonnie has recently submitted poetry to the SWIC (South West Illinois College) annual poetry contest, The St. Louis area Wednesday Poetry Club contest, the ISPS (Illinois State Poetry Society) members' website, and the

ISPS  2020 Poetry Month at Illinois Libraries "water" theme  for display

Bonnie submitted a poem called, "The Dreamer as Philosopher" to accompany a work of art by Yelda Akocik,

"The Dreamer,"

both of which were displayed side by side at the Wheaten, IL Burning Bush Art Gallery representing an Archetype.of a dreamer (along  with several other works), organized by Jennifer Hereth in conjunction with

Chicago Poets and Patrons Inc and The Illinois State Poetry Society.  The Exhibit opened October 5, 2019.  It will also be displayed at Benedictine University at Lisle, IL starting in March, 2020.



Bonnie has added another poem to The Illinois State Poetry Society website,

during October, 2019 titled "Hotel du Danube Saint Germaine."


Orchard Street Press has produced their Fall Chapbook, Quiet Diamonds, including Bonnie's poem, "Chemo Blizzard."


Bonnie's poem, "The Harold E. Washington Central Libra;ry," will be added to the website  around August 10, 2019.


The Illinois State Poetry Society published Bonnie's poem, "Anniversary Painted Sceans" on its website

of member poetry for June, 2019.

Orchard Street Press has advised Bonnie that her poem, "Chemo Blizzard," was a finalist in their annual poetry contest.  It will be published in their annual journal, Quiet Diamonds, later in the summer.  Bonnie has been

invited by Orchard Street Press to submit a chapbook manuscript for possible publication as well.


Highland Park Poetry has accepted Bonnie's poem, "Sale of Our Jaguar" for its online Muses Gallery.

This poem will be on display all summer with many other poems about cars.


Bonnie Manion was a winner in the Rockford Writers Guild  Snow Poetry Contest with "Snow Day."

The Lisle, Illinois Public Library has a Poetry Month display of poems by Illinois State Poetry Society members, 

including Bonnie Manion's poem, "Black and White Magic."

The Illinois State Poetry Society website, www.illinoisoets/memberpoems, will post Bonnie's poem, "Half-Standing" in mid-April, 2019.


Southwest Illinois Community College in Red Bud;, IL has announced winners of the SIUE annual poetry


Bonnie Manion won in the adult division with, "An Urban Snapshot."  Winners will be fetted at a Reception, and read their winning poems on April 23 on the SWIC campus.

LONESTARS Magazine, Issue #91, is out with Bonnie's poem, "Night Rain," appearing in it (April, 2019).

The Rockford Review has published Bonnie's poem, "A Bridal Shower," in its Winter-Spring 2019 Edition.

The Illinois State Poetry Societ;y has posted member poems for February, 2019.  Bonnie has  added "An Urban Snapshot" to her extensive list of published poems on the Illinois Poets website. 

Lonestars Magazine recently published Bonnie Manion's poem, "The Peace of the Wildwood," in Issue #90.

Time of Singing has published a new version of Bonnie's poem, "Unmoved" in their most recent issue.

"An Urban Snapshot" won First Place in the Diversity in Chicago Category of the 2018 Chicago Poets & Patrons Poetry Contest.


Mrs. Manion's poem, "On Burkas," will be published by the ISPS website, www.illinoispoets.orgin mid-October, 2018.

Star Poets Magazine published two of  Mrs. Manion's poems, "Mowing," and "Waves of the Ocean,"

in their May/June 2018 issue.  "Mowing" was previously published on the Chicago Poets and Patrons

website and earned an Honorable Mention in 2017.  

"Mowing" is also added to the Illinois State Poetry Society website, August, 2018.


Bonnie has attended meetings of the Illinois State Poetry Society, Champaign, IL Chapter, the Milford, IL Poetry Group, and the Chicago Poets and Patrons Workshop during the month of June, 2018, also the August Chicago Poets ;& Patrons workshop at ;the Harold Washington Library downtown..  will add Bonnie's poem about Norway, "Green Grow the Mountains," previously published by The Penwood Review, to the website for the Illinois State Poetry Society June 14, 2018.

Highland Park (IL) Poetry has accepted Bonnie's poem, "Lemon," for its new Chapbook, Coffee, Tea and

Other Beverages, Summer, 2018.  This poem was first published by Poetric License in their chapbook, A Light Breakfast.   "Lemon" also appears on the Highland Park Poets website this summer.

To honor National Poetry Month - April- several Chicago-area public libraries are displaying ISPS poetry

with the theme of Gardens.  The Evanston and Wilmette, IL libraries are displaying Bonnie Manion's

poem, "Chrissie's Garden" during the month of Aprill, 2018.  "Rich" is on display at the Lisle, IL Library.

Nomad's Choir, a New York City poetry group, has produced a quarterly which contains Bonnie Manion's poem

"Lullaby of the Ghetto," which last year won a First Place in the Chicago Poets and Patrons poetry contest.

Chicago Poetry Press has published an Anthology called Dear Mr. President in which Bonnie Manion

has two short poems:  one version of "Unmoved," and "Harmony."


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© 2007 Bonnie Manion

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