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Twenty-first century female piano composer Bonnie Manion has produced five music CDs of her Concertos and Etudes for piano.  Bonnie’s music is classical in style, and her piano melodies are adaptable to Chamber or Symphonic groups as well.  Scroll down to see the musical notations for the several original piano pieces included in Bonnie Manion’s audio CDs of her easy listening, classical style, hauntingly beautiful piano compositions. Please click on the title to see the sheet music for the song.

Jeremy Swerling, first Conducting Fellow of the Indianapolis, IN Symphony Orchestra, past Resident Director of the Sacramento, CA Symphony, Music Director of the NE Texas Symphony and of the Danville, IL Symphony, past Guest Director of the Lafayette, IN Symphony and the Arkansas Philharmonic, as well as of orchestras in the Czech Republic, and  Vice President of Cala Records in the UK since 1994, had this to say, after listening to examples of Mrs. Bonnie Manion's recordings during his October, 2007 visit to Danville, IL,  about her piano music to the Composer Bonnie Manion:
 "Your music has a lovely simplicity to it.  It is approachable and pleasing to the ear.  In a
world where there is so much dissonance, your consonant musical language is refreshing."



The Nature of Mystery

Classical Piano Etudes

Bonnie's fifth music CD resonates with the soothing, healing sounds of nature: the steady flight of the moon across the night sky, the hesitant dripping of a slow rain, the gurgling mountain brook, the easy adventure some fantasy of the dream world, the sadness of a final goodbye, the inexorable pull of life ever-moving forward--
all are studied in this reflection on the many moods of the mysterious, attractive world of earth and nature.

China Moon - Stately, steady, serene

Night Rain - gentle and cradling

First Encountering You - wonderment at the beauty of you

A Waffling Breeze - wind blowing where it will

Waves of the Seashore - ineffably building and receding

Sailing Along - flying across water, unceremoniously dumping, regaining the wind

A Mountain Stream - water in motion: tumbling, skipping, slowing for the deep pools

The Starrie Night - the delicate array of stars gradually popping out in the night sky

Dreamtime - expressive of a fantasy world, a play world of the imagination
My Friend's Passing - both nostalgic and melancholy, a final goodbye

Life without You - like a New Orleans parade, a grand tribute to something lost

Day by Day - a bit dissonant, picking up the pieces after loss

Life Goes On - life, the world, nature moving beautifully, inexorably onward



Musical CD Promise an easly listening musical CD

Bonnie’s fourth musical CD honors her musical grandchildren.  While composed as piano pieces, this music was recorded on an electronic keyboard with several added instrumental sounds to honor grandchildren who play violin, trumpet, tuba, flute, drums, recorder, clarinet, saxaphone, cello and French horn, as well as piano.

"Journey to the Cure" a piano etude with cello accompaniment in memory of Bonnie's sister and brother, who died in 2011 and 2012.

"Gunnar and Dalton" ballad in brass for grandson: horns and piano accompaniment.

"Melissa and Laura" a piano duo with cello, for granddaughter pianists.

"Grant and Grace" piano/violin duo for two grandchildren.

"The Manion Boys" concerto in Db major, piano and brass.

"My Promise" to find beauty and music every day: etude for piano, cello and saxaphone.

"A new Song" mini symphonic concerto in Eb major using a variety of instruments.


Once Upon A Time CD

CD Once Upon A Time cover


Nostalgia is the foucus of this new CD of piano compositions from Bonnie Manion. In their fiftieth year of Marriage and soon to be first time great-grandparents Bonnie and husband Paul welcome the next gereration as she reflects on the life of her 100-year mentor, Alice Goodwine, to whom this album is dedicated.

Little Norah, name for Bonnie's youngest grandchild, commemorates all you children.

Aire on A D String celebrates their indivualism.

Childhood is a trip down memory lane.

Once, a Sonata in three parts (Once Upon a Dream, Long Ago, Coming Home Again), is Bonnie's recollections of youth and hopes for a reunion.

Parade of the Hours is a concerto in four parts about the inexorable passage of time.

Jill Prasse is the pianst. This Cd was produced by Bob Wilson Studio, Hoopeston, IL.


Piano Concertos



"My Own True Love"

is a musical testimony to her husband of 46 years, Paul, in three movements of a Concerto in Eb Major by Manion.

In this lovely piano music, Bonnie declares the passion, loneliness, comfort, and ecstasy present in the various stages of a love relationship.


"Childhood Memories of the Midwest "

is a musical tour of nostalgia and delight in three piano movements of her Concerto in C Major by Bonnie Manion.

Here Manion retraces scenes of family gatherings, outdoor antics, automobile rides, play in the snow. She tells musically of Western vacations, her father's piano playing, holidays with family, play with neighborhood friends



Bittersweet Memories CD


"Little Butterfly"


is a whimsical melody recalling the carefree innocence of childhood's wonder years.

"On Parade "

boldly sets a marching band pace of cheerful optimism and confident pursuit of goals.

"Motherly Love"

is a lullaby in slack-key guitar style serenade, a tribute to all mothers.

"Broken Dreams"

is a melancholy etude describing the immutable nightfall of sadness that can enter any life without warning.

"All that Jazz"

is a piano composition bouncing between dissonance and anger over injustice or any personal tragedy.

"Bittersweet Memories "

reflects the sorrow that follows upon broken dreams, is a poignant memorial to an altered past, a lonely future.


is a musical tribute to determination and faithfulness in pursuing honorable goals, a path of righteousness.

"Living in the Light "

is an ethereal and delicate description, in harp and bell-like musical tones, of heavenly beauty, goodness and peace.

"Once Upon A Dream "

is an adult's nostalgic trip back in time to childhood, home, one's past, in a three-part lilting piano sonata.

"A New Song"

is the composer's cheerful acknowledgement there is hope and renewal in this beautiful world.


Performances and new arrangements of this music are permitted and encouraged. Please send a notice and copies of your arragngements to Bonnie Mainion. Thank you and enjoy!