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Chocolate Covered Raisins


2006 was an awful year, full of many

minor family tragedies. But among

the holiday messages was a UPS box

from brother Jim and his genteel wife Patty.

I put it next to the newly decorated Christmas tree,

before any other packages were laid there.


Unwrapped along with other Christmas presents,

it was again laid aside for several days. Wearily

returning home from my husband’s surgery

the next weekend, I spotted that candy box.


In need of succor, I opened the rainbow display

of California raisins arranged in diagonal bands

of pastel color. Tasting a few of the creamy

yogurt raisins satisfied me that night. It wasn’t

until days later, when I tried the dark chocolate

morsels, that I was instantly transported back


to Valentines’ Day in my childhood, when Dad

would burst through the kitchen door after work

the evening of a dreary, snowy February fourteenth,

bearing cheery red heart-shaped boxes of chocolate

covered raisins for each of us four kids (plus

a special large box of her own candy for Mommy).


It was always a surprise, always a wonderful treat.

We never got complacent about Dad’s gifts

of chocolate covered raisins on Valentines’ Day,

about this celebratory assurance of his love for us.


first published in PKA’s Advocate!

©2007 Bonnie Manion


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