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Such A God

How can one accept a God Who dares
To descend a Man into earth’s wayfares?
Who works, gets tired, thirsty or homeless?
Who eats with sinners, talks to the possessed?

How can one accept a God-Man Who goes
Wherever He wants without following the rules?
Who tolerates rebels, calls leaders the devils?
Who cries over death with widows and friends?

How can one accept a God Who came
As a humble Babe, in a stable mean?
Who spent so much of His Life obscure,
Living in a town where no faith would occur?

How can one accept a God Who taught:
Love enemies, even be pure in thought?
Who cared not for wealth nor trappings of power?
Who feared neither priests nor Procurator?

How can one accept a God Who dies
Nailed to a cross, whipped and derided,
Abandoned by friends, scorned by foes,
Buried in a borrowed tomb all alone?

How can one accept a God Who began
His Church with a handful of scared fishermen
Entrusted with His Story and to spread His Name,
 And bring all the earth to follow His Way?


first published in SOUL SEARCH Chapbook

also published in Streams of Living Water Anthology

©2000 Bonnie Manion


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