Pagosa Springs Artists

Late Summer Redemption

A National Historic Register

farmhouse, clapboard white,

dirty windows betraying stored

boxes and boards inside, sports

a tall ladder reaching up to roof

struts for some never-done repairs,

still in place ten years later.


Jogging the maacadam country road,

I can't help noticing the overrun

grounds littered with discarded cars,

old machinery and rusty lawn chairs,

the once-proud homestead standing

neglected, overgrown, despoiled.


Then, among the ruins, I glimpse

an unexpeted brace of lavender

surprise lillies flying unheralded

atop their slender stalks, blush

crepe gowns fluttering daintily

in the brilliant August sunlight.

Beauty can always be found

amid the worst that man

imposes upon his world.


first published in The Penwood Review

©2004 Bonnie Manion


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