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In This Moment


Today feels muggy, chest-pressing weary.

Burdened with news of a son’s impending

divorce, one daughter’s herniated disk, and

another’s breast cancer. My glance is drawn

to the lighted kitchen window, finds treetops

flailing in the wind of the coming storm,

humidity thick enough to slice with a knife.

How I’d like to strip away their pain and sorrows.


Eyes fall with resignation to the flurry

of flashing bits of cerise before me. I focus

on the little ornamental cherry tree swaying

in the sultry breeze, thin twigs loaded down

with bunches of hard green berries that catch

the filtered noon light, provision aplenty

for bleaker days to come, providing me

sudden solace in this opaque moment.



first published in Plainsongs Journal

also published in PICTURE HEALING Chapbook

©2006 Bonnie Manion


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