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There is an image of you interwoven into my very being.
Memories of you surface afresh into my consciousness
Repeatedly, suggestively, without summons or effort,
More real than photos, on the slightest, strangest pretexts
Revealed by capricious neurological connections:

Seeing the stairstep where you turned to smile at me
Will do it; passing a window through which I saw
You at work, bronzed arms bared in the summer sun,
Will do it; noticing a wooded scene that once
You commented favorably upon will also do it;

Chancing again to hear the strains of some
Folk tune you unabashedly swayed in time to
Will do it; everyday things call to mind, at times,
You: the flare of your nostrils, square of your jaw,
The kink in your hair, the twinkle in your eye,

The set of your shoulders, lean of your neck,
The shape of your fingers, tones in your voice,
The scent of you, look of you, feel of you
Rush in, startling and awakening my senses,
Your nearness perceptible once again.


first published in Creative With Words

also published in Illinois State Poetry Society 

©2009 Bonnie Manion


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