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Crime of the Century

DNA did not figure in this
disturbing case, though
spilled blood was seen
everywhere. The prosecutor
likewise ignored fingerprints,
the physical evidence of
bagged human-looking limbs,
little hands and feet.

How could our high court
manage to ignore such a
preponderaance of DNA
evidence for the finding of
two individuals, not just
the one lying on the table?
Why did an overwhelmingly
conservative, roman catholic
US Supreme Court turn away
from the issue of an innocent
human life brutally killed,
merely to uphold the legality
of the right to privacy for
the other, older person?

Blood pooled on every level
surface where tiny body
parts were pulled from
an adult female, prone and
incoherent on that table.
Never mind comparing DNA;
the torn limbs obviously
look human. Contraception
could have prevented this;
so could a viability-stage,
late term, anti-abortion law.

Where are logical theologians,
persistent civil rights lawyers,
ethical medical experts and
scientific crime lab results?
Where is the public outrage?


first published in Saint Davids Christian Writers Conference Awards

©2009 Bonnie Manion


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