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Recipe for a Universe


Completeness, imagine a void!

And taking Spirit and Word along,
explode into physical reality
from actual spiritual infinity
as incredible unlimited energy
at the speed of light squared.
Slow down into a universe of particular
potential, undulate to the laws of physics,
gravitate into elemental hydrogen,
clump and condense into giant quasars,
spew out untold trillions of galaxies, birth
unfathomnable myriad numbers of stars, supernovae
some of them into gigantic galactic dustclouds of new
elements, condense all again into still more stars, until

one average star ignites
in one obscure outer arm of one
spinning eliptical wheel of a galaxy
from one condensing disk of separating elements,
forms a ring of satellites around that average star,
one of which is an iron-cored blue ball swathed in white
clouds over watery oceans of molecular compounds
under stormy electric skies...until

life is invented by energizing some of the molecules
to replicate themselves after a few billion years
of experimentation by design, evolve from the first
cell a plethora of flora and fauna by intricate plan
of seeming random selection of the fittest
at each circimstantial moment...until

into one upright, toolmaking, affection-seeking, star-gazing rib
breathe your own unlimited image...which calls itself


first published in Poets of The Vineyard

also published in Creative With Words

©2009 Bonnie Manion


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