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Green Is Forever


is warm summer nights, the unseen drum
of crickets and glinting staccato of fireflies
humming and flashing in syncopated moonlit
harmony, our green fields stretching hazily
to horizons surfeited with the munificence
of the season until

autumn's chill intrudes, reminding us of
the temporal nature of all earthly existence,
its fleet beauty written in hushed beneficence,
broad brushstrokes of crimson and gold
sweeping passionately down the slopes
of our brief lives

into winter's cold shawl lain over all the world
like a pall, downing leaves, browning the grass,
a stark drift of snow chilling us to the very soul
with dreariness and dark, and then

spring reminds us, is God's promise, of eternity,
new life and renewal springing boldly around us
from tree bones and bare ground, the entire globe
robed in light and lime and emerald fire so

fine and green, the grass and leaf of every arbor
keen for hope, for daybreak, the final harbor,
and to me green is for never, is for...ever,
green is forever.


first published in Bellowing Ark

also published in FLOOR OF THE SKY Chapbook

©2010 Bonnie Manion


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