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Going to the Mountain


is a supernatural experience
because I have to climb,
work hard,
sweat and struggle
to get there.

Up high,
air is thinner
and breathing harder.
Instinctively, I sit down
to rest and gather my senses.

Up here,
the view is always
panoramic, a God's eye
view of the known world.

Far below,
a brown river
curls around the base
of a steep green mountain,
disappears into hidden valleys
receding along both sides.

Far beyond,
other dim mountains
stand aloof, waiting
to be yet encountered.

The cool air speaks:
Be still and know that I am God.


first published in Nomad’s Choir

also published in BEHIND PRISON WALLS Chapbook

also published in PICTURE HEALING Chapbook

©2010 Bonnie Manion


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