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Barreling down the big slope
at Rossville's Chrisman Park,
snow packed hard and burned
to an icy glare, I gladly zoom
in free flight, almost loosed
from the bonds of gravity,
of responsibilities.

In ecstasy, sled suspended
for the briefest moment
between now and forever
before the snowy meadow
brakes me, brings me back
to my future, I'm tumbled
with a jolt out of my escape.

Years later, again suspended
an airy moment in a ski-jump
at Mount Hood, I feel anew
the thrill of escape, of free
flight, its timelessness
beckoning me to break away
from the painful brink,
because love is never


first published in LONE STARS

also published in GLORY IN THE ORDINARY Chapbook

©2010 Bonnie Manion


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