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Our Spiritual Divorce

Why do you turn away in our bed?
Can't you hear my pulse, my need?
Your mind is so far away; have you
no hungers my love could feed?

Mutual support has gone awry,
each now going his separate way;
the passion attracting us now just mine,
your absence makes my lone heart ache.

Lack of sharing was the start
of this wall keeping us apart;
hidden within my feeling of dread
about where your coolness heads.

A breach exists where once we shared
two lives in sweet communion;
I sadly turn away to seek
another's comfort in my confusion.

I find an ear to hear my prayer
and sense his kind concern,
but soon enough that too is gone;
confessor leaves, cannot return.

Alone again, I face my need
to bridge our great abyss; I press
for an encounter, seek forgiveness
between my heart and his.


first published in Poetry of the Spirit Anthology

©2010 Bonnie Manion


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