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The New Jerusalem

the Lord is making
new heavens and a new earth.
Your past is forgotten now;
the new Jerusalem full of joy.
All live here beyond a hundred years
with no sickness, no death, no sorrow.
What you build or plant
you will harvest and enjoy.
Wolves and lambs will eat together;
from now on lions will eat straw.
The City of God is like a woman
who gives birth without pain, without labor.
Like a river which never goes dry.
Like the protection of a mother
who caresses, nurses, comforts her child.

The wealth of nations will come to the City of God;
The Lord will gather all peoples to Himself
where they will see His powerful deeds
and proclaim His greatness forever.


from  Isaiah 65, 66



first published in Penned From The Heart Devotional

©2004 Bonnie Manion


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