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  When I found out my real mother didn’t want me,
  I figured I was damned.  My young life was over;
  there wasn’t any use trying to be good anymore.
  Nobody to please.  Even God.

  I started stealing, first to prove I could.  Second,
  to prove God wouldn’t do anything about it.
  Wouldn’t because he didn’t exist. Even if he did,
  he didn‘t care.  I figured I was damned anyway.

  I had long learned to sneak around unseen.
  Just had to do it in open daylight now.
  Stole money from a teacher’s purse.
  From the collection basket at church.

  What did I tell you?  I was damned anyway.
  You have to take what you want, cause life
  ain’t gonna give you anything otherwise.
  That’s my new philosophy.  I’m damned well
  going to do whatever I please.





first published in BEHIND PRISON WALLS Chapbook

©2011 Bonnie Manion


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