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The sky was a sanctuary-dome blue,
filled with pearly puffs of cloud one imagines
pillowing chubby cherubim

Grass was the lush dark green of springtime,
ironically well-watered this year,
thick and long, a bovine’s dream.

Leafy branches swayed overhead in time
to the gusting of a September breeze, a song
sending cascades of falling leaves swirling
through invisible trills of eddies and currents.
Summer escaped on those balmy winds
and in the soft afternoon sunshine
and tangle of late-blooming gardens,
while autumn crept in unnoticed
behind innocent cloud billows,
on the wings of visiting Monarchs,
under the curled leaves of the last browning rose.



published by   St.Anthony’s Messenger




first published in St. Anthony’s Messenger

also published in FLOOR OF THE SKY Chapbook

©2003 Bonnie Manion


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