Pagosa Springs Artists

Wonder and Awe

Crowds massed below, the great

hall soaring on columns to a lofty

height, tabernacle and chalices

flashing precious gold.  Priestly

satin robes shimmering like jewels

in the  candlelight.  Bold gothic

wonders boggling my mind, opening

my soul, kindling a fire.


Prayers droned in God's tongue,

unintelligible Latin, sung in a male

chant hung with spice of incense,

sending our hopes aloft.  Statues

and stained-glass saints surround us,

modeling the Christian life, their

spirits flitting like flickering flames,

unseen but sensed all the same.


first published in The Penwood Review

also published in Illinois State Poetry Society 

©2014 Bonnie Manion


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