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What Did Shane See?

of ethnic duplicity

during an Iraqui

tour of duty

that became his

unliveable misery?


What did Shane see

just before the IED

when friendly faces

turned to meat, arms

and feet to gore, bloody

sores to gangrene and

disappearing body parts?


What did Shane see

when he couldn't sleep,

needed whiskey to keep

his anger under wraps,

when rap no longer

spoke survivor-guilt?


What did Shane see

when he struck his lady,

cursed his baby, when

the bright light of future

happiness went out?


What did Shane see, his

thoughts running aimlessly,

waiting for a motor's drone

to hone his weary brain

to empty bone before he

slept then died?  A tunnel

of blinding yellow light,

scintilatingly bright?

White-hot night shocks

scorching off his socks?

An unbearable blare

blasting away all the air?

Nobody knows what

being Shane was like.


published in The Rockford Review


first published in The Rockford Review

©2014 Bonnie Manion


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