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Lesson Learned from a Bird-Brain

Hearing a random series of clicks

in my kitchen, I investigate to find

an energetic brown bird with red

markings on its wings and tail,

a female cardinal, sidelling along

the outside windowsill, every

now-and-then attempting to fly into

a closed window, beak banging.

Not put off, she tenaciously repets

this effort over and over, every day,

day after day, summer and winterlong.

Once, her scarlet mate briefly

joined her on the ledge, but flew

away as soon as he saw her fail

to fly even once through the glass.


I speculate that she perhaps sees

::(but does not recognize) her own

reflection, perceiving it as an

intruder into her territory;.  Or,

maybe she sees a space she

wants to explore, unable to

understand the glass barrier.


Famously aggresive, heretofore

watever she could see was open

to her world.  Now, her beak

merely bangs ineptly against

a wall she can see beyond, but

cannot penetrte.  This anomaly is

beyond the cardinal's understanding.

Repeated attempts to fly through

the window are doomed.  But,

she cannot resist trying.


first published in Illinois State Poetry Society 

also published in Highland Park Poetry Muse's Gallery Online

also published in Fine Lines website

©2016 Bonnie Manion


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