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The Lavender Lady of Kilauea

There once was a lady who

just loved the color lavender;

she lived in a lavender house,

the only one in town, surrounded

by lovely lavender flowers.

Everyone knew her simply as

the lavender lady of Kilauea, Kaua'i.


All her walls were painted

varying shades of purple;

her rattan furniture was also

hand-painted lavender; as were

her cupboards, shelves, doors.

Household vases held lavender

bouquets, meals were served

on lavender china, no drape

or towel was ever seen there

ecept in lavender or purple.


Her clothes were variations on

the lavender theme: blouses had

lavender and white pinstripes or

bloomed huge mauve peonies or

tiny maroon rosebuds; there were

solid lavender slacks, plaid purple

skirts, purple polka-dot dresses and,

of course, lacy lavender underware.


Never mind that she had once taught

swimming and life-saving as a YMCA

volunteer for 57 years; or raised six kids,

marrying at age 40 after a second date;

or moved to Hawaii following a visit

thirty-five years previously.


When I met her, she was a stalwartt 90

planning her distant funeral: she'd have

a lavender casket, cascades of lavender

flowers, buried in her best lavender dress.


first published in Illinois State Poetry Society 

©2017 Bonnie Manion


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