Pagosa Springs Artists

Old Visions of Summer

A patio of brick set in sand by

a wanna-be engineer-sister, sunny

spots hot against bare feet, pattern

of herringbone overlain with shifty


shadows of folige set in motion

by an unseen breeze sifting through

nearby pin oak trees, dogs panting

in the shade of a spreading ash tree.


Dad reading the morning paper

in old pajamas, his cup of coffee

cooling on the patio table while

savoring the early morning silence.


Splashes of pink, orange and

cherry impatiens banked against

evergreen shrubbery bordering

two sides of a hundred-year-old

rambling country home.


Ten-year-old Brian standing on

the porch roof with a friend, both

sending model airplanes crashing

below in a mock WWII battle.


The drone of the riding lawnmower

drifting across our shady acres, Mom

guiding it in overlalpping concentric

circles to its finishing run.


first published in Illinois State Poetry Society 

©2017 Bonnie Manion


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