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Green Grow the Mountains

The mountains of Trollstigen grow

green under summer solstice light,

shine boldly without a hint of night.


Aurlandsfjord skies glow fire-green

under aurora lights, but slate, purple

and indigo in the shadows of twilight.


Hardangerfjord cuts boldly iridescent

to the sea, gouged by an ancient glacier,

home of perpetual winter.


Verdant pinnacles laced with waterfalls

dive the depths of Gerangerfjord, which

mirrors chartreuse walls, sailing clouds.


Towering under a midnight sun, spruce-

covered Stalheimskeiva teems with

shadows, shy and elusive wildlife.


Arctic wolf and polar bear,white fox and

northern hare haunt endless evergreen

slopes, or hunt solo from lonely ice floes.



first published in The Penwood Review

also published in Illinois State Poetry Society 

©2018 Bonnie Manion


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