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An Urban Snapshot

The shape of a city is geometric;

tall straight lines, blocks of stone,

cubes and triangles filled with rows

of blank windows overlooking

flashes of movement, of color, face


of a young man ponytailed, his drab

loose shirt flapping, of an old mon

in a grey coat scowling, of a young

woman, her dark hair and long legs

flying, of a business suit on his cell,

back of another resoluely striding,

a slow black woman in an orange

caftan pushing a red stroller.  Masses

undulating, parading, some pulsing

ahead, some falling behind.


And everywhere you hear a dizzying

cacophony of trolly rttles, engines

revving, trucks beeping, car horns

blaring, men shouting, and female

calls reverberating throughout

the undulating, crowded, narrow

corridors under those soaring,

glaring, competing skyscrapers.



won a First Place in Chicago Diversity Division,

Poets & Patrons 2018 Poetry Contest


first published in Illinois State Poetry Society 

©2018 Bonnie Manion


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