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The Peace of the Wildwood

When troubles consume me

and worries abound, I go

to the deep woods where

peace can be found.


Creatures toil little in

their wild wooded home,

they feed when hungry

in the garden all own.


Birds pull up worms,

squirrels locate a nut,

foxes feast on moles,

rabbits forage the loam.


Wild soil and fresh air

contain all nature needs,

while  rains bring water

to sustain every seed.


Amid the tall trees that

stand somber in sleep,

wildlife watches, waits,

neither toils nor reaps.


I learn to shed tears, learn

God's care for me seeing

provision for the wild, for

plantrs, birds and streams.



published in Lonestar Magazine


first published in LONE STARS

©2019 Bonnie Manion


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