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Time Travel

Once, at the beginning of time,

God said,"Let there be light,"

and the Big Bang brought forth

a universe of energy and starlight.


Billions of years into its mking;

our galaxy formed, shaking out

an obscure solar system of

coalescing hydrogen and starshout.


God played with the planets,

mixing elements and fire, dealing

to just one the conditions for

a chemical reaction that started life.


His play included dinosaurs to show

just what He could do; then jGod

set the stage for a big change,

the rise of mammals, humans too.


We might think we don't need God,

but without the right amounts of

sunlight, green plants and air, humans

long ago would also have died out.


Global warming happened to both Mars

and Venus; here, that warming process

has already started, and mankind now must

take heed to save Eart;h for future eons.


first published in Illinois State Poetry Society 

©2020 Bonnie Manion


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