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Roller Coaster Years

My body strapped in
(but head’s  in a spin)
rising up slowly to glory,
into unknown territory.
Down!  Straight down
feels like dying,
plunging through
screaming and crying.
I’m alive after all?...
My motor feels stalled.
Past the first crisis,
relief is priceless.
Then up, up again...
got to grab a friend.
Don’t know where
there’s someone who cares
I’m  jerked around,
going down. Down!
No way to get out,
I’ve no voice, can’t shout
My world’s upside down!
or Here comes the ground!
I’m without a clue
coming unglued,
falling fast, faster,
looks like disaster...
when flipped with a twist
into a spin:  my first kiss.
Dizzying, but leaning in,
I go round again and again--
values called to a halt,
rubber legs the fault.



first published in Offerings

also published in Yes! Magazine

also published in GLORY IN THE ORDINARY Chapbook

©2002 Bonnie Manion


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