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Oh, Magnolia!

Oh, Magnolia,
You southern bloom,
Up here in the north
You come too soon.

Oh, Magnolia,
Each branch  a chain
Of diamond drops
Whether ice or rain.
Oh, Magnolia,
You just can’t wait,
Your buds yet form
When winter stays late.

Oh, Magnolia,
Your blooms unfold 
When  snows still fall,
‘If  nights stay cold.

Oh, Magnolia,
Each bud  your faith speaks
Of life restored,
In winter’s defeat.

Oh, Magnolia,
That we could show
The flow’r of our Faith
As the bloom you grow!



first published in Penned From The Heart Devotional

also published in Streams of Living Water Anthology

also published in Poet’s Pen

also published in SOUL SEARCH Chapbook

©2001 Bonnie Manion


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