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Amish Shopping


Prancing hoofs twix thin-rimmed  high wheels
slowly guide through patchworked  farm weald--
haystacks cross-stitched next to cornstalks,
appliqued with dark green forests.

Black cab leads by dusty  backroad
to plain clutch of white frame abodes,
bustling tie-up by a boardwalk,
pungent, plankfloored butcher’s meat-shop.

Haunches, cheeses hang in huge chunks,
sausages sliced  varied  new lengths,
Smokey smells entwine glass cases,
celebrate their delicacies.

Over hills spread  gold with sunshine,
paper-wrapped and tied with old twine,
aromatic  amish   parcels
borne  to gastronomic farewells.



first published in Twilight Ending  





first published in Twilight Ending

also published in Illinois State Poetry Society 

also published in GLORY IN THE ORDINARY Chapbook

also published in Poetry Atlas

©2001 Bonnie Manion


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