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The Prodigal's Brother

The story  told  of  wayward  son
To  me,  concerns  the other one:
The righteous boy who felt ignored
When father welcomed rogue as lord.

With bitter heart,  heir stayed apart;
Would not forgive or fete the upstart;
Complained of  favors brother gained
Without his work,  without his pains.

The son who stayed, who never played,
Was one who must have never prayed;
Consumed   pecuniarily,
He  never  felt  like  family.

He  never  understood  the  pain
In  brother’s  fall  or  toil or  stain;
He  never knew  the  father’s  joy
To see  returning,  his  lost  boy.



first published in Penned From The Heart Devotional

©2001 Bonnie Manion


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