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Didn't He Say...


Didn’t once He say to me,
You’re more dear than all of these -
Branching tree or birds of air,
Smallest seed or flower  fair?

Didn’t He once say to me,
Ask, it shall be given thee -
What you want or what you need.
And I replied,  “That I may see.”

Didn’t once He say to me,
Follow,  for My yoke is sweet.
 “Where are You, Lord?”  I  then prayed.
 “I am lost, don’t know the way.”

Didn’t  to me once He say,
I am Truth, Life,  the Way.
If  you follow and obey,
Father God and I will stay.

Didn’t once He say to me,
See -  the Shepherd knows His sheep,
Calls each  name, retrieves the lost...
Feed My lambs, don’t count the cost!

Didn’t He once say to me,
Feed My lambs, feed My sheep!
How I thirst I want to gather...
Do you love Me? this daughter.



first published in Penned From The Heart Devotional

also published in SOUL SEARCH Chapbook

also published in Streams of Living Water Anthology

also published in

©2000 Bonnie Manion


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