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A Horse, Of Course

Hand in hand, granddaughter and I approach the fence.

Wide-eyed, she takes in the sounds and smells

and great size of the animal before her.


Hoofed, long knobby-kneed legs

stretched far above her,

flaring nostrils strain to decipher

her smell as the great head reaches

down between the fence wires.


Lifted up protectively by Grandma,

she stares in wonder at her first close-up

of the familiar shape, at the great size

of this gentle and friendly beast.


Horse looked like his pictures

in books, only was much bigger

than the child had ever imagined.


Big teeth chewed grass in her face.

Flies bedeviled the big round eyes.

Matted hair flowed windswept

down the great sleek neck.


Big muscles quivered automatically

to displace the ever-present,

bothersome black flies. Her eyes swept

over the big broad back, flanks, and behind

terminating in a thick swath

of hair in perpetual motion.


The little girl took it all in and decided

a horse is all of this, of course,

but especially, he is BIG.


first published in PKA’s Advocate!

©2002 Bonnie Manion


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