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Aborted Fetuses


was the name of his high school
wanabee instrumental rock group,
a couple of adoptees like himself
with birth mothers who didn't care.
His didn't want to see him, though
she lived right down highway nine,
only fifteen miles away.

So they commiserated on secret
nights of drinking, in bad boy
antics like mailbox banging, in a pact
to get low grades in school.

Eventually, the other wanabee
aborted fetuses grew up and got
responsible. Paid their bills
from money they earned. Got
some college. Bought new cars.
Stayed out of trouble with the law.
Went on with their lives.


first published in Karamu

also published in BEHIND PRISON WALLS Chapbook

also published in The Coal City Review

©2009 Bonnie Manion


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