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Hale'lea *


Splashing down from Wai’ale’ale,
source of waters, the Hanalei,
this secret  river dashes, plunges,
journeys slopes in dances, lunges.

Cuts a vale so steep and lush,
House of Beauty’s praised with hush;
the home of flowers and birdcalls,
of maile, and ten waterfalls.

The valley opens wide to a bay
as the river winds around a broad plain;
a sandy shore edges the town where
waves line the cove mountains surround.
Under sea cliffs, by coral shoals,
broad  pandanus  shade and cool;
A reef  breaks  waves and shelters the shore
where small fish hunt and crabs explore.
Winds bring clouds of nurturing rain,
tides mark shorelines time and again;
the sun  there  rises  also  east, and
sunsets color the skies with  peace.





first published in Illinois State Poetry Society 

also published in FLOOR OF THE SKY Chapbook

also published in Poetry Atlas

©2012 Bonnie Manion


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