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I've never lacked a wealth of

experience, poignant sorrows

and soaring joys.  And always

there were smiling eyes, baby

smiles and soft skin to touch,

touchinbg mine.  And standing

by me, my man.  And my faith.


Sure, there were disappointments,

duplicities, divorces, incivilities.

Cancer, surgeries, death and

enmities.  But over it all, a sense

of knowing love was there

filling them up, already making

everything right, new again.


I can't forget the beauty I see

each day in waffling leaves,

in buzzing bees, flowers and

children, my lover, my freedom.

In my travels, my neighbors, in

strangers and answered prayers.

In notes of care, helping hands, poetry,

books and music from every land.

In all that is virtuous and beautiful,

my life is full of riches every day.


first published in The Rockford Review

also published in Illinois State Poetry Society 

also published in The Lisle, IL Public Library

©2015 Bonnie Manion


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