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Storm Clouds

 A wall of dark clouds
pushed in from the north,
muscled over the horizon
to spread fear and gloom...
the threatening appearance
of a swaggering bully
confronting a small schoolboy
on the street all alone.

Lightening bolts flashed
like fists raised, like shouts
bellowed as intimidation;
winds howled with fury, spurring us
to scurry home, to flee to shelter.

Compelled to watch, to witness this attack,
we saw lightening lances thrown by giants;
felt the cosmic grumble of muttered threats,
heard the sharp clash of smashing grenades--
how their flashes lit up the black night, and
how the shadowy trees shook with fright
as earth’s creatures hid silent, in fear waited.

This sky-war was waged loudly,
boldly before us; oblivious of us;
from cover of porch we witnessed it all :
glowering threats and screaming attacks,
bomb blasts, bright swords blazing, and
finally, armies of storm clouds in smoldering retreat.


first published in Storyteller Magazine

also published in FLOOR OF THE SKY Chapbook

©2000 Bonnie Manion


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