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A  hemorrhaging woman who touched His cloak;
That official who knew authority’s yoke;
A leper who called from the side of  the road;
The lame man lowered through a rooftop by ropes.

That man who stretched out his withered, frail hand;
A little girl ‘wakened and helped up to stand;
The mother of Peter, cured, serving the God-Man;
A blind man who followed Him across the land.

Too, Mary and Martha’s raised buried brother;
That dead son restored to his widowed old mother;
A wild man unburdened of hundreds of devils;
Collector of taxes becoming a fine fellow.
The woman who wiped His feet with her hair;
One brought before Him in sin and despair;
A lame man waiting on the healing pool’s stair;
The crucified thief, repentant, who cared.

All received healing from the Son of  Man,
Healing that came from faith put in Him,
A faith that drew upon His Godly Power;
Faith meeting Power makes miraculous hours!



first published in Streams of Living Water Anthology

also published in Penned From The Heart Devotional

also published in SOUL SEARCH Chapbook

©2000 Bonnie Manion


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